Dane meteo – czyżby tajne?

Co na to nasi spece od GLOBCIA?

Here is something about this on BBC


“Professor Edward Acton, vice-chancellor of UEA, told the committee that it

was not possible to make the entire international data set available because

of a “commercial promise”.

He explained that a number of contributing nations – including Canada, Poland

and Sweden – had refused to make their segments of data publicly available.”

Anyone from Canada, Poland and/or Sweden who can confirm that in fact these

countries will not release the RAW data to other than CRU???

Sounds strange that such developed countries would withhold this kind of


Czy Polska rzeczywiście nie udostępnia publicznie danych meteo (aktualnych i

historycznych) – tak jak np. Australia, USA i inne kraje? A jeśli nie

udostępnia – to dlaczego? Kto je utajnia?

Warto by to wiedzieć…