Losowość, wywiad a Michaelem Rabinem w Com. ACM

cytat o algorytmach losowych:

” RABIN: I would say the following: The use in the Ethernet protocol is in

some sense like the use in Byzantine agreement. In Byzantine agreement, the

parties want to reach agreement against improper or malicious opponents. In

the Ethernet protocol, the participants want to avoid clashes, conflicts.

That’s somewhat similar. I don’t know enough about genetic algorithms, but

they are of the same nature as the general randomized algorithms. I must admit

that after many years of work in this area, the efficacy of randomness for so

many algorithmic problems is absolutely mysterious to me. It is efficient, it

works; but why and how is absolutely mysterious.

It is also mysterious in another way because we cannot really prove that any

process, even let’s say radioactive decay, is truly random. Einstein rejected

the basic tenets of Quantum Theory and said that God does not play dice with

the universe. Randomized algorithms, in their pure form, must use a physical

source of randomness. So it is cooperation between us as computer scientists

and nature as a source of randomness. This is really quite unique and touches

on deep questions in physics and philosophy.”

Co ma na myśli MR mówiąc ze nie da się udowodnić ze proces jest losowy? Czy ma

na myśli badanie rezultatów takich procesów czy przewidywanie zachowania w


Darowanemu budzikowi nie zagląda się w tryby !